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澳洲星品味點心專門店是一家以本地自主生產經營廣東粤式的企業。 公司生產的產品品種豐富俱全,味道傳統正宗。經驗的研發團隊,嫻熟的員工,上乘的材料,鮮美的味道,加上美觀的產品外形是公司高標準純手工包制產品的前提保障。

公司於2007年2月創立在于雪梨CABRAMATTA市,開業之後,所經營產品受到廣大顧客的喜愛與支持。繼而公司先後在EASTWOOD、 CAMPSIE、唐人街開了多家分店。2010年公司在GRANVILLE火車站旁設立了有500多平米規模的中央生產基地,作為分店的強大後盾。

廣大顧客可以在各地分店 takeaway 熱的食品,選擇購買各種速凍食品作為餐桌的佳餚,讓你足不出户,低廉的價格品嚐到洒樓同等的味道享受。唐人街分店位置優越,還增加了歷史悠久,營養美味的各式堂食食品。最低的消費,品嚐到正宗的味道。就餐環境優雅、舒服,讓你有一個好的精神開始一天的忙碌。我們還接受 order 為你的 party 或各種 function 服務。公司願意與餐館、clubfood courttakeaway 合作,節省人手,可以訂制配送產品,幫助您的生意蒸蒸日上。

公司遵循著自主生產,自己銷售經營,開設分店的管理模式,努力開創高標凖的品牌產品與品牌服務。老闆及員工本著 品貭感動客戶 的經營理念,有信心在不久的將來公司會成為雪梨最好的點心加工零售企業,乃至全澳洲的名牌。

Sydney Best Dim Sim is an Australian-based production and retail enterprise specialising in offering the full range of authentic traditional Cantonese style gourmet dim sim. Our experienced research team and skillful production workers guarantee the highest quality of ingredients, flavour and presentation for our hand-made products.

Our enterprise first started in Cabramatta in February 2007. Branches in Eastwood, Campsie and multiple locations in Chinatown were subsequently opened to cater for the customer demands for our very popular products. In 2010, our large scale central production facility, which is in excess of 500m2 near Granville Station, were inaugurated to meet the large product volume as required by our own retail stores.

In our outlets, our customers have a choice of take-away hot or frozen dim sims, designed for our customers to enjoy gourmet restaurant-quality dim sims at much cheaper price in the comfort of their own homes. Specially located, our Chinatown stores also offer restaurant service. Our customers can delight their taste buds by authentic, traditional, nutritious and gourmet dishes at an economic price in an elegant and comfortable restaurant setting, the best place to be refreshed and get ready for a busy day. We also accept orders for parties and various functions. We collaborate with restaurants, clubs, food courts and takeaway shops to help saving their manpower, provide delivery and assist in their business growth.

Our company adopts the strategy of owning and managing our own production line and retail outlets to guarantee the quality products and service of our brand. Our staff at all levels operates under the belief of "quality moves customers". We are confident that our operational model and philosophy will soon lead us towards becoming the best production-retail enterprise and brand in Sydney, and eventually in Australia.